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12 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money at Your Campground

The best way to increase revenue is by boosting occupancy, but there are certainly alternate and imaginative ways to make money at your park.

Here are 12 creative ways to diversify your income and make more money at your campground.

campground photo

Better Campground Photos = More Reservations (+4 Tips for Getting Great Photos)

Quality photos could increase the traffic on your campground’s website by as much as 94%, leading to a lot more reservations.

Here are a few quick tips for improving your park’s online presence with a few snaps of a camera.

Hidden Costs of Owning a Campground

What are some Hidden Costs of Owning a Campground?

If you’re in the market to buy a campground, the timing has never been better.

But how much does it cost to start one?

To answer that, we’ve interviewed several park owners and operators using our Campground Booking software and put together a comprehensive list of financial considerations before starting a campground.

How to Respond to Bad Campground Reviews

How to Respond to Bad Campground Reviews

Even good campgrounds can receive negative reviews.

As frustrating as it is, you need to respond to bad campground reviews. While they may not be representative of your campground, if you ignore them, they can still come back to haunt you.

To help operators looking to improve their campground’s online ratings, here are a few tips on how to respond to bad campground reviews.

Campground Management Companies

Campground Software Reviews: What Campground Solution Should You Use?

As a park operator, you already have enough on your plate without having to worry if your management software is up to snuff. There are more options than ever, and finding the right campground solution can feel like an arduous task.

To help you sort through the myriad of options here’s is a comparison of campground software reviews, as well as what campground solution you should use for your park.

Create a Better Booking Experience

8 Ways to Create a Better Booking Experience for Guests

If you’re a campground operator looking to maximize your business, just fielding reservations might feel like a challenge.

To make life easier, here are 8 tips for creating a better booking experience for guests.

managing a campground

7 Tips for Managing a Campground

Whether it’s hiring the right staff, managing guests’ expectations, or using the right tools to handle reservations, there are a…

campground reservation software

Are There Any Free Campground Reservation Software Systems Available?

While owning a campground could be a very profitable endeavor (worth at least $273k a year), it can certainly come…

RV Park Reservation Software

Finding the Right RV Park Reservation Software for Your Campground

Your campground needs an online reservation software. Over 148.3 million online travel reservations were made in 2019 alone. By the…

How Much Does a Campground Cost

How Much Does a Campground Cost to Purchase? (And How To Buy One)

It’s a good time to buy a campground. Well, there are about 16,000 campgrounds in the US and 40 million…

Zoning an RV Park

Best Practices for Zoning an RV Park

From designing the park, setting up the internet, and all of the costs associated, park operators have plenty going on….

How to start a campground business

How to start a campground business (in 4 steps).

If you’ve ever found yourself toying with the idea of starting a campground, the cards are in your favor. As…

Campground Management Companies

3 Questions to Consider When Hiring Campground Management Companies

With more people camping than ever before, running a campground could be a lucrative investment worth more than $273K a…

Setup Wi-Fi at an RV Park

How to Setup Wi-Fi at an RV Park (and Why You Need It)

You need Wi-Fi at your RV park. Due to the pandemic, nearly 42 percent of the American workforce is currently…