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Campgrounds are at the center of the RV universe

And campground owners should have access to the best education and training resources in the industry.

What is Campground University?

Campground University is a dynamic learning center providing current and prospective owners resources and tools to help them succeed. Grow your campground, increase revenue and profitability, and connect with your customers.


Listen in weekly to the Campground U Podcast. We’ll speak with guests from all corners of the industry about the unique challenges campgrounds owners face and how to overcome them.

Heath Padgett

The Vision Behind Campground U

Crow's Nest

Tips for First Year Owners

SEO Tips

SEO Best Practices for Park Owners

Industry Trends

Camping Industry Trends

Articles and Case Studies

Read in-depth articles and case studies written by experts and owners. Learn everything you need to know about starting, buying or selling, operating, and growing a campground.

If you’ve ever found yourself toying with the idea of starting a campground, the cards are in your favor. As...

Campground Management

7 Tips for Managing a Campground

Sean Richards | November 9, 2021
Campground Management

8 Ways to Create a Better Booking Experience for Guests

Sean Richards | December 13, 2021
Campground Management

How to Setup Wi-Fi at an RV Park (and Why You Need It)

Sean Richards | November 9, 2021